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Kat Florence Announces Rare Collection of Neon Titanium Tourmaline from Botswana

Kat Florence makes collectors hearts beat faster with her newly released collection of exclusive Titanium Neon Tourmalines from Botswana. Picture: obs/Rosalita Life

New York / Toronto (ots|mg) - With an extraordinary luminous glow, Tour-
malines from around the world are widely considered to be one of the most beautiful colored gemstones. Jeweler Kat Florence knows about the magical attraction of Tourmalines. Recognized as one of the most fa-
mous designers for Paraiba Tourma-
lines she has made a name for herself among collectors. Currently the je-
weler holds the world record for the largest gem quality Neon Paraiba ever sold at auction in 2016, a Top Blue 91.43 carat flawless gem. Now Kat Florence makes collectors hearts beat faster again with a collection of exclusive Titanium Neon Tourmalines from Botswana.

When Gem Hunter Don Kogen showed up at the Kat Florence studio in 2018 with his latest discovery, the jeweler was amazed at the quality of the Tourmalines: "Even in their uncut form the stones sparkled and glowed. I have never seen anything like it. The uncut stones were so completely different from what I have experienced with Tourmalines in the past."

Don Kogen explains that Paraiba Tourmalines have always been renowned for their fine neon colors. It is the trace element Copper that makes Paraiba sparkle like no other Tourmaline and what actually makes metallic bearing Tourmalines so special. When Don Kogen discovered a small pocket of Titanium bearing Tourmaline in Botswana he imme-
diately realized that he was looking at a very rare phenomenon that has never been unearthed before.

Kat Florence says demand for fine grade color gemstones are on the rise, with new records being broken regularly. The most recent auction record set at Christie's for Tourma-
line was in May 2018 for a 14.27 carat matching pair of Neon Paraiba Tourmaline earrings selling at $2,778,000 ($194,000 per carat). With less than 200 of these rare Neon Titanium Tourmalines ever discovered, it will be interesting to see what price the rare Tourmalines will fetch at auction. Kat Florence explains: "A selection of my Neon Tourmaline pieces have been on display in museums throughout Europe, Asia and the US since 2019."

Kat Florence Announces Rare Collection of Neon Titanium Tour-
maline from Botswana

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